Customer Feedback:

"Having Fun Serving You!"

Odyssey made it to NY without a bit of trouble.  NICE VEHICLE !  As I mentioned to Lonnie,  I would be happy to give you feedback on e-bay if you would like to arrange a private auction for this purpose.  It would be my pleasure to send you positive feedback!  Thanks so much for a nice vehicle and a smooth transaction!

Rob Wright

 "I've been driving a pretty beat up 92 jeep cherokee for some time now and i decided it was time to put the beast to rest and get a new car. My father has a good friend in Greenville, SC who was able to recommend an excellent dealer in the area. We drove up to Just Nice Cars during the evening and were on our way home w/ a killer black 99 grand cherokee limited in less than 2 hours later. Everything went smoothly and quickly, and everyone was extremely cordial and informative. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant car buying experience and you certainly wont find cars at better prices than this. Without a doubt i would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a top of the line car at a great price."

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