WHY Go RVing?

That Perfect Place. Before Everyone Else Does.

RV Life LivingThe freedom to pursue your passions. The flexibility to pursue them when you want, where you want, how you want. The fun of a vacation experience unlike any other.

Freedom, flexibility and fun: That’s the RV difference.

There’s taking a trip from Point A to Point B. And then there’s RVing. Recreation vehicles give you more control, convenience and comfort than other forms of travel. With an RV, you can hit the road more often, for longer periods, for less money.

The reasons you go RVing are the same reasons you take any vacation. To get a break from the daily routine. To be with family and friends. To rest. To relax. To see new places.

But the difference between RVing and other types of vacations is that RVing allows you to truly achieve all those goals — and more.

Another difference? With RVing, there are no flights to catch. No security hassles. No long lines or lost luggage. No hauling heavy bags in and out of costly hotel rooms. No expensive unhealthy food.

RV owners surveyed by Harris Interactive cited escaping the routine of the everyday world, enjoying nature and resting, and relaxing and recharging their batteries as the main reasons for taking RV trips.

The Road is Calling …

The back yard has a fence. The playground has a fence. The ball field has a fence.

Beyond the fences, new worlds are waiting.

A few generations ago, most Americans took only one weeklong vacation a year. Today, people yearn to get away on shorter trips more often — and at all times of the year.

An RV makes that possible, allowing you to strike out on the road whenever you want and go nearly anywhere you want. With so many destinations, events and adventures — and models ranging from van campers to fifth-wheel travel trailers — from which to choose, RV travelers are always on the move, making memories every mile of the way.

“...the reason people hit the road in RVs is the same today as it ever was: People love their freedom.”
- David Woodworth, RV Historian

Go on, pursue your passions.

Are you asking yourself, Why Go RVing? If so, we’ve got the answers.

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